MN Reads: Duluth's new Poet Laureate in his first interview!

Sep 27, 2018

Poet, author and College of St. Scholastica professor emeritus Gary Boelhower has been selected as the 2018-'20 Duluth Poet Laureate
Credit ©Gary Boelhower

Duluth's newly-minted Poet Laureate  (not even 24 hours yet) for 2018-2020 shares his thoughts on making poetry "more a part of the everyday fabric of Duluth": everything from replacing new-business ribbon-cuttings with some poetry read to reflect on community, to starting city council meetings with a poem, perhaps, related to one of the agenda items.

HOMELAND POETRY when I become head of homeland poetryor director of the department of natural poeticsor czar of the world bank of words I will create an army a loosely confederated slightly crazy army of lyrical liarstrying to tell the truth who march out of stepquestion every commandgive out poems and lunch vouchers at the bus stops wander the streets listening how the tenderness of the heart tells its storywe will lurk in the shadows made by the full moonwe will have uniformsof every color and cut yellow silk red satin cobalt corduroytutus and togas short shorts and bell bottoms some will be tunics tailored for star catchingor tight jackets of rhyme and meteror long duster coats of leather and thirst all embroidered with the shapes of birdsand smeared with the blood of the lost and the foundwe will have weapons wonder sharpened to the edge of dawnimprovised explosive laughterquestions strapped to our bodies megatons of ammo metaphorto rearrange reality and demolish the temples of scarcity mushroom clouds of prayers rising