MN Reads: Iron and Water

Jul 26, 2018

"Iron and Water" by Grant J Merritt
Credit University of Minnesota Press

A leader in Minnesota's environmental history and graduate of Duluth Central High school and UMD, Grant J. Merritt joins us to talk about his book "Iron and Water: My Life Protecting Minnesota's Environment."  Merritt chronicles his family history in iron mining and how his young life on the North Shore led to a career of protecting the waters of Lake Superior, as head of the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency.  

His notes and papers, court cases and work with the Great Lakes Water Quality Board are documented in his book, and highlights his work on the state's battle with Reserve Mining, a case that set national industry and environmental precedent.  Merritt continued his work as an environmentalist lawyer and citizen activist and now, add author.

"Iron and Water" gives us a glimpse into the slow and complicated efforts of changing and enforcing public policy when it comes to big business, water protection and the environment. 

Iron and Water by University of Minnesota Press