Neighbors, May 28: cutting the number of infections in half ... and reframing the mask thing

May 28, 2020

Credit University of Minnesota Duluth

Dr. Richard Buckalew of UMD is a mathematics professor at UMD, so unless you're pretty math-savvy yourself, things can veer off into the weeds pretty quickly.

But in addition to providing some infographics to help you better understand the math behind social distancing, he's got a lot of interesting things to say about the big differences small changes can make, and how to evaluate the news and claims crowding your social media feeds these days.




Credit University of Minnesota Duluth

As a scientist, the furor over wearing face masks seems kind of strange to Sara Zimmer.

In her lab at the University of Minnesota Medical School, Duluth Campus, she spends a lot of time just preparing safety protocols for working with infectious materials and there's never any conflict over them.

But she points out a couple of things have changed since the early days of the pandemic: we wear masks in public now, not so much to keep ourselves safe, as to keep everyone safe. And that  a lot of the push-back on masks may have nothing to do with the virus itself.