Neighbors, May 7: What do you call a fake grass-roots movement? "Astroturf"

May 7, 2020

A small group of armed white men (and two white women) calling themselves "Blue Igloo" marched near the Capitol Building in Raleigh, NC May 1 to demand that the state reopen despite the threat of the coronavirus. They are adherents of the right-wing ideology “boogaloo,” which fetishizes the Second Amendment and overthrowing the government.
Credit Anthony Crider/Flickr

An article in Forbes magazine this week was titled "Security Researchers Say The Reopen America Campaign Is Being Astroturfed."

It laid out in detail how cybersecurity researchers determined that, far from being spontaneous and organic (grassroots, if you will) the protests "can be linked to domains associated with gun advocacy groups, lobbyists, and other conservative organisations."

In other words, fake news is being created to hijack the national conversation around COVID-19 in service to different agendas.

How to keep from falling for "fake news," how economics, health care and the pandemic are intertwined, and the importance of the World Health Organization this morning on Neighbors.