Neighbors, Tuesday, March 24

Mar 24, 2020

John Reznick of The Rambler prepares sandwiches for local health care workers
Credit Look Out for the Helpers/Facebook

We're bringing back the golden days of radio, updated for our new circumstances!

 This morning we debuted Neighbors, a combination interview/call in program to help keep us connected in these uncertain times.

 "Look Out for the Helpers" is a local group doing just that: looking out for the helpers.  In this case, that means raising money to provide local healthcare workers with coffee, bakery items and meals.

And just like in the olden days, we'll give you the chance to say hi to someone far away (or next door) you're socially distanced from, voice your concerns, share your best coping tips and maybe even help folks working from home troubleshoot their Zoom meetings!

Jot this number down and keep it handy: 218-726-7181.

Neighbors, Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 10am on KUMD: Socially-Distant. Community-Connected.