"Our success means a responsibility to help"

Nov 8, 2019

Rockwall Pets transport vehicles ready to leave Texas for points north
Credit Christina Arriaga/Rockwall Pets

16 hours. Two vans. 41 dogs.

That's 41 dogs scooped from the overcrowded Dallas Animal Services shelter and placed in temporary foster care until their transport this weekend.

Come tomorrow morning at 2am, Rockwall volunteers will climb into the vans and head north on the 16-hour trip to bring the dogs to the Northland Subaru "Love-a-Pet" event this weekend.

Elfi was adopted from Rockwall Pets two years ago. She has adapted well to Minnesota winters - with the help of a gas fireplace and lots of sweaters.
Credit Lisa Johnson

It's a much different Duluth for companion animals than it was even ten years ago, and that's because of a community that really loves its animals.