Parents for Healthy Playgrounds say "scrap the tires" at Duluth grade schools

May 4, 2016

Credit Kris & Fred/Flickr

The debate over crumb rubber mulch has arrived in Duluth.

NBC News broke the story almost two years ago: a soccer coach at the University of Washington tracked 38 American soccer players -- 34 of them goalies - who've been diagnosed with cancer. Part of the debate involves questions about scientific studies including what's being looked at and how ... but the other part of the issue has been the refusal of the Environmental Protection Agency, in particular, to conduct further studies.

Here in Duluth, parents at Congdon Park Elementary  said no to rubber mulch on the playground, but the shredded tire material was installed at Myers-Wilkins Elementary.

And parents are particularly concerned about the safety of little kids ... because little kids have a tendency to put things in their mouths.

You can find out more about elementary schools in Duluth using scrap tire mulch at the website of Duluth Parents for Healthy Playgrounds.