Places to go when it's cold or you're just out of the hospital: CHUM's mission of advocacy

Feb 19, 2019

The CHUM Center
Credit Mary Schmitz/CHUM

There will be a lot to talk about at CHUM's 46th Annual Meeting tonight at Temple Israel.

From community needs assessments surrounding topics like suicide rates and food insecurity, to workshops on understanding white privilege and fostering cross-racial competence, CHUM is engaging the community on multiple levels to, as their mission statement puts it, "provide basic necessities, foster stable lives, and organize for a just and compassionate community."

A couple of their partnerships with other agencies have been particularly successful in ministering to the needs of some of our city's most vulnerable people: the warming shelter, which opened last month just before a stretch of dangerously cold air and wind chill temperatures, and a respite house for folks who are homeless - either before or as a result of a stint in the hospital - who are released with no where to go.