(poetry): Climate Emergency Poetry series: the Out-of-Towners edition is this weekend

May 12, 2021

Ryan Eggold as Dr. Max Goodwin in NBC's "New Amsterdam" talks with staff about climate change as a healthcare emergency, and points out that single-use plastic gloves make up 20% of the medical waste generated in this country.
Credit Virginia Sherwood/NBC

Pop culture is doing its part to bring the climate change conversation to our couches.

Network shows like NBC's New Amsterdam show characters grappling with things like carbon footprints and medical waste,  not to mention what increased frequency of severe weather and wildfires could mean to places like hospitals.

Phil Fitzpatrick is the co-founder of Climate Emergency Poetry, and he's a little skeptical of turning over a serious conversation to a TV show, worried it might be played for laughs or trivialized at a time when there is no room for either.

You can find out more about Climate Emergency Poetry 8, coming up this Sunday (May 16) here: