Radio Gallery 01-12-2011: Best Of 2010

Jan 14, 2011

This week Radio Gallery takes a look back at featured artists from 2010. James Grittner, Elliot Silberman, and Michael Tonder share their beginnings as artists, and what they have learned in their years of experience in a career as an artist in interviews with Radio Gallery.

Radio Gallery 01-12-2011: Best Of 2010

Maija Morton and Liz Pedersen

The year 2010 has provided Minnesota with many great art events, exhibits, and shows. Radio Gallery takes a look back at three artists who have been featured on Radio Gallery in order to highlight the process artists take to create their work, and the ways an artist is inspired to create. Grittner speaks about his long time career in ceramics, Silberman is a portrait artist that is able to capture the image in the likeness of three minute, and Tonder is a local glasswork artist. They each share stories about their work, the process of an artist, and the beginning of their career as an artist.

Elliot Silberman

James Grittner

Michael Tonder

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