Radio Gallery 03-03-10: Sarah Heimer

Mar 2, 2010

Sarah Heimer, creator of Diorama-Rama, meets with Radio Gallery to discuss the exhibition, which was held at Sacred Heart Music Center on Saturday, March Sixth at Seven p.m.

Radio Gallery 03-03-10: Sarah Heimer

Hosted by Maija Morton.

This year was the 4th Diorama-Rama. Several different community members of various ages entered diorams, with dioramas of a dinosaur prom, a Zen display, and many more. A vast variety of community members attended the event. DJ 45, Coyote, Boom Chucks, Moonstone, Vortex Navigation Company, and The Temporary Service all performed at the event. Listen as Heimer further describes the uniqueness and diversity within Diorama-Rama.

Diorama-Rama 2008
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