Radio Gallery: 100 Days

Feb 1, 2018

Day 50 to 53
Credit Tia Salmela Keobounpheng

Former Duluthian Tia Salmela Keobounpheng opens a new exhibit at the Duluth Art Institute on Thursday, January 11 called "100 days: Tia Keobounpheng."  

With her business Silvercocoon, this longtime jeweler and designer has made a name for herself but now has cut a new path with this exhibit, chronicling her disciplined investigation of metal.  The opening reception for "100 Days" and her artist talk both happen January 11, from 5-8pm at the DAI. The exhibit will be on display through February 25. Reinvesting and rejuvenating the creative spirit over the course of 100 days, she joins to share more about her journey.


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