Radio Gallery 12-15-2011: Annie Roseen

Dec 15, 2011

Radio Gallery welcomes Annie Roseen to talk about the artwork by artists from CHOICE Unlimited's Arts Program that will exhibit work at Beaner's Central Concert Coffeehouse during the month of December. Beaner's Central is located 324 N. Central Avenue Duluth, MN 55807.

Radio Gallery 12-15-2011: Annie Roseen

CHOICE Unlimited is a day program for adults with disabilities that aims to help find vocations and other opportunities for those in the program. Annie Roseen is the Arts Program Director and shares details about the program and how it provides the opportunity to learn more about creative writing, visual art, theatre, and dance. The work is an essential part is providing a sense of community, connection, and joy. They also have a company that travels to different schools and organizations to spread the word about diversity, acceptance, and celebration. The visual work by those in CHOICE Unlimited will be on display through the month of December at Beaner's Central, located at 324 N. Central Avenue Duluth, MN 55807.

Beaners Central

CHOICE Unlimited

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