Radio Gallery 12-28-2011: Best of Radio Gallery 2011

Dec 28, 2011

Radio Gallery wraps up this year with a look back. Before our longtime producer Liz Pedersen moves up and on she sits down with host Maija Jenson to reflect on the show this year.

As we head into another year of art coverage on Radio Gallery, longtime producer Liz Pedersen & host Maija Jenson reflect on the artists, their work and their ideas. This week we share our favorite art exhibits we covered this year, remember some of our favorite guests and the interesting ideas they brought to the show.
Radio Gallery has been interviewing a Minnesota artist every week since Fall 2009. Radio Gallery is a show about people, ideas and artists in Minnesota and airs every Wednesday at 4pm on KUMD and again Thursday Morning.

Radio Gallery 2011

Favorite 2011 Local Art Exhibit

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