Radio Gallery: Adam Swanson

Feb 21, 2018

~Adam Swanson

Last month Adam Swanson opened a new show called “Art and Science” at the Zeitgeist Arts Cafe in Duluth.

“Art and Science” expands on his common threads of humans, animals and their coexistence in the world.  This new body of work brings in ideas of energy, sustainability, machines and how humans have the ability to change their impact in the world.  Swanson said “The more we learn about our surroundings, where we came from and who we are, the more likely we will thrive in a universe of endless possibilities.”

Adam Swanson, 2018
Credit Maija jenson

Listen for more about Adam Swanson’s new work and his  forthcoming mural project in the Lincoln Park Craft District, as he has been selected as the next Duluth Art Institute, Artist in Residence.

Adam Swanson

Art & Science Exhibit