Radio Gallery: Anne Labovitz

Mar 27, 2018

"122 Conversations" in Ohara Isumi City, Japan
Credit Anne Labovitz

Anne Labovitz has continued to share updates about her artistic saga that is "122 Conversations."  We look forward to the final exhibition coming to Duluth in the Fall of 2018, on view Sept 25 - Dec 31 at the Tweed Museum of Art in at UMD in Duluth. The project celebrates the combined 122 years of relationships with Duluth’s five sister cities international.

"...Just as exciting, is the discovery of the pieces that are missing from the suitcase and have remained in their host country. Both Rania and Växjö have acquired diptychs which will be displayed as symbols of their relationships with Duluth. The two most recent returned suitcases from Petrozavodsk and Ohara Isumi-City have similar vacancies! Two diptychs, measuring 66 in by 30 feet will remain in each of these countries. A Japanese collector has purchased one of the site specific diptychs and the city of Petrozavodsk has acquired one for their city. I am very excited that scrolls from 122 Conversations will remain in these cities!"

~Anne Labovitz

Labovitz's exhibit has visited all of Duluth's Sister Cities International: Rania, Iraqi Kurdistan, Växjö, Sweden, Petrozavodsk, Russia, Thunder Bay, Canada and Ohara-Isumi City, Japan.

122 Conversations