Radio Gallery: Art Shanty Project

Feb 17, 2016

The first floor of the Slumber Party Shanty is "under the bed." There lives a monster...
Credit Jill Emmer

If you would rather go to an art show than go ice fishing, here is a great way to get outdoors and pretend. The Annual Art Shanty Project is in full swing on White Bear Lake; virtual circus of interactive and performance art pieces disguised as ice houses. Open to the public each weekend in February, the village of shanties situated a block off shore.  Some are visually interesting on the outside while others contain delightful creations of interactivity from dance houses, to slumber parties, peddling polar bears and stringed instruments that allow you to listen to the lake.  Unlike anything you’ve seen before, listen and check out the links for more information. 

Note: The Art Shanty Facebook link here may have the most up to date information on ice conditions.  Due to projected warm weather the shanties may be moved to land over the coming weekends.

Art Shanty Project facebook

Art Shanty Photography by Jill Emmer