Radio Gallery: Beehive Collective

Feb 27, 2019

Beehive Design Collective in action
Credit Beehive Collective

Beehive Design Collective have brought their art, storytelling and presentations to classrooms, coffee shops, colleges, conferences and this Wednesday, to Prøve Gallery in Duluth. 

Hear the stories and join the conversation on Wednesday, February 27 at 6 p.m. as Beehive Design Collective present "ROCK BOTTOM in the Age of Extreme Resource Extraction: Fracking, Sulfide Mining, and Tar Sands in the Great Lakes Region."

The Beehive Design Collective are makers, who's art is a starting point to talk about our earth, the land, oppression, journeys, community, history, and our responsibility and ability to affect change. Find the richness of stories in the detailed images the collective creates, shares, and uses in their story telling. 

Tyler Norman of the collective joins us on Radio Gallery. Prøve is located at 21 N Lake Ave in Duluth.

Rock Bottom @ Prøve Gallery

Beehive Design Collective

Beehive Collective video