Radio Gallery: Common Room

Aug 1, 2018

Common Room
Credit The Soap Factory

Sergio Vucci and Andy Sturdevant are Minneapolis artists who created Common Room, an annual project hosted by arts incubator "The Soap Factory."  The two artists lead a series of public space, art tours. This is not about public art, but rather offer new look at how public spaces are designed to create, enhance and steer your personal experience.

For a decade, Common Room has offered a new perspective to the art & design that surrounds us.  The project is a part of "Here & There: Rethinking Public Spaces," an ongoing program at The Soap Factory.  Past tours of the month-long tour series have taken audiences on trespass tours, freeway tours, fishing tours and even cat tours

​Common Room tours are a great way to enjoy a summer evening out with community folks, talking about art.  2018 Common Room destinations this month include: the public bathroom tour, piped in music tour and on August 8th, the casino tour. Listen to co-creator Andy Sturdevant to hear more about Common Room and check out the schedule on the link below.

Common Room: Public Art Tours

The Common Room: Casino Tour August 8, 4:30pm

Past Common Room Tours