Radio Gallery: Duluth Quantum Computing Project

Aug 2, 2016

Credit Kathy McTavish

Duluth composer and media artist Kathy McTavish has partnered with the Duluth Art Institute to offer an "eight-week experience" free and open to the public called Duluth Quantum Computing Project: Storytelling in a Digital Age.

This is a community learning experience about Internet-based art; from coding to digital creations and the conversation and creativity that is born of modern technology.  Workshops are three times a week, Thursday through Saturday in August and September, and you might consider taking this journey of discovery if you are a digital artist, software engineer, computer programmer, graphic artist, writer or other creative or techie type.   

The workshops are being help in a Duluth storefront, at 3 W Superior Street on Thursdays 6-9pm, Fridays 12-1pm and Saturdays 3-6 with additional open lab and discussion time adjacent. You may attend the whole series or select workshops.

Check out Radio Gallery this week and the links here for more information.

Duluth Quantum Computing Project

Duluth Art Institute Event Information

Course Materials

August 4-6: Talking to Machines and the Origins of Computing

August 11-13: The Anatomy of a Web Page; The Aerial Art of Hypertext; & The Gymnastics of Reading

August 18-20: The Architecture of the Internet; Cloud Mobiles; Social Graphs; Intersecting Stories 

August 25-27: Alice in Wonderland; Hypermedia; The Cross-Sensory House of Mirrors

September 1-3: Code/Algorithms; The Confluence of Text & Choreography, Code as Improvisation

September 15-17: Drawing

September 22-24: Revolutionary Spaces; Contested Landscapes; Arts & Resistance

September 29-October 1: Overview and Brainstorming for Future Directions & Installation Opening