Radio Gallery: Going Global

Dec 28, 2017

Credit Anne labovitz

Looking back at 2017, a few Minnesota exhibits stood out. Taking on global, cross cultural understanding in today's political climate, these artistic endeavors shine bright.

We take a trip down memory lane with Anne Labovitz "122 Conversations."  A vibrant and progressive exhibit of stories and art, "122 Conversations" which traveled to all five Duluth international sister cities: Rania, Kurdistan-Iraq , Växjö, Sweden, Petrozavodsk, Russia, Thunder Bay, Canada and Ohara-Isumi City, Japan and will be coming to Duluth in 2018.

Also the Sami Cultural Center of North America is based in Duluth and their contribution to Imago Mundi was submitted and published this year in Italy. Marlene Wisuri joined us to talk about this gathering of worldwide art.

122 Conversations

Imago Mundi