Radio Gallery: Homegrown Documentary

May 1, 2018

Manny V. editing interview with Walt Dizzo
Credit Manny Villanueva

The Duluth Homegrown Music Festival brings out photographers in droves and at every show this week you'll see music fans pulling out their phones in dark barroom lighting to snap a pic of the band of the hour.  It's such a tradition there is an annual photo show and a field guide full of these captured moments. 

Plus there is a lot of filming going on; enter Manny Villanueva.  A photographer, videographer and former news cameraman; Villanueva has been working on a 20th Anniversary Homegrown documentary with live footage, photos and interviews with the key players. 

Rather then release it this year, expect to see Villanueva at the festival this year, capturing the rapture that is the 20th Anniversary of Scott Lundt's 30th birthday party.

If you have stunning or stunningly strange photos from past years, you can share them with Manny Villanueva to be included in the documentary, set to be released at next year's homegrown.

Check out his story here on Radio Gallery

20th Anniversary #dhgmf schedule