Radio Gallery: On-Ice Kick-off

Jan 4, 2018

Birdhouse of Arthur J. E. Wren, 2017 by Artist Simon Sutherland
Credit Art Shanty Projects

Started 13 years ago, The "Art Shanty Projects" bring Minnesota arts to the great outdoors, in January! Held on a frozen lake, visitors will find artists reveling in the comfortable milieu of hockey players and fisherman; on the ice. Each year performance and creative artists bring delight and joy to the frozen landscape of  a Metro area lake, and 2018 is the first year in Minneapolis, at Lake Harriet.

The 2018 "Art Shanty Projects" is celebrating this Saturday, January 6, 7-10p.m. with a kick-off celebration at Soo Visual Arts Center in Uptown Minneapolis at 2909 Bryant Ave S, Suite 101.  With music, bingo and treasures from past years, "Art Shanty Projects" invites everyone to SooVAC to gear up for this uniquely Minnesotan interactive art exhibit.

Welcome Shanty
Credit Jill Emmer

On-Ice Kick-off Event

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