Radio Gallery: Nik Nerburn

Oct 3, 2017

Photographer Nick Nerburn and Painter Brad Tollefson

Last month a new exhibit opened in a new and unlikely venue, the windows of the Esmond Building at 2001 W. Superior Street, the old Seaway Hotel.  

Photographs of Nik Nerburn and paintings and drawings of Brad Tollefson went on display in September, a part of Nerburn's Lincoln Park Artists Residency with the Duluth Art Institute. Nerburn has worked in film and photography and this latest project took him to the streets of Duluth.  His images tell a story of a neighborhood in transition. 

The Bemidji native connected with local artist Tollefson who had not shown his work publicly before but with some encouragement has joined Nik Nerburn in this exhibit, up through the winter.

Listen to hear more about Nerburn's experience his residency and about sharing his and Tollefson's work with the neighborhood.

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