Radio Gallery: Robert Dewitt Adams

May 7, 2019

Credit Rob Adams

Mixed media, painter, cartoonist and collage artist Rob Adams has a retrospective show up through May 24, at CF Design, before he ships out. 

As a history and place inspired artist, moving away from Duluth may be challenging but with change brings opportunity.  Rob joins us on Radio Gallery to talk about art, Duluth, moving, his final show and where you might get some final pearls of cartoon or collage wisdom before he leaves Duluth. 

Check out his show at CF Design, located next to Zeitgeist in downtown Duluth, and open to the public Mon-Thurs. 7 am-5 pm, works are for sale.  And join one of his last two classes; at the Duluth Art Institute on May 23 6-9pm it's "Tell a Story in Cartoons with Rob Adams" and Community Education class "Versatile Collage" at Ordean East, June 10-12 from 6:30-8:30 pm.

Rob Atoms at CF Design

Rob Adams Duluth Art Institute Class info

Community Education Class on Collage