Radio Gallery: Sarah Brokke

Feb 6, 2019

‘She is the River’ 2018
Credit Sarah Brokke

Duluth painter Sarah Brokke opens a new show called "Sacred Selves" at The Duluth Pottery this week.  In the heart of the Lincoln Park Craft District, The Duluth Pottery has emerged as an arts center, celebrating and sharing the work of two and three dimentional artists. Everyone is invited to an opening reception on Sunday Feb. 10, 4-6 p.m. 

Brokke's body of work, on display through March 31, is a continuation of her portrait painting with a nod to sacred, medatative practice. 

"These paintings are emblematic of time in a lot of ways and reflect time spent…We have moments and space in which we can carve out a record of time in a ready different way."     ~ Sarah Brokke

Duluth Pottery is located at 1924 W. Superior Street.

Sacred Selves Opening Reception

Sarah Brokke

Duluth Pottery