Radio Gallery: Take a Survey

Jun 26, 2019

Bob Pokorney: View of West Duluth 2018
Credit Bob Pokorney

Today, host of Radio Gallery, Maija Jenson, signs off. The generosity of Duluth artists and educators, curators and organizers have made the program what is was, a spotlight on the creative ideas and local art across media.  Since 2009, Radio Gallery has shared our interviews with students, emerging artists, professors, life-long makers and world famous artists. The artistic talent and opportunity in Duluth is enviable and only continues to grow. 

Hopefully, Radio Gallery has brought more art into your life; maybe you attended an art exhibit, an opening, met an artist or found or returned to your medium, your creative outlet. Thank you for listening.

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Today we revisit a few guests from 2010, 2011 and 2015, a reminder that creative ideas connect us no matter the medium.