Radio Theatre - "telling the stories you need to tell at the time"

Oct 7, 2016

Credit ©Wise Fool Shakespeare

Wise Fool Shakespeare opens their production of "Othello" tonight, another bright light in the constellation of events surrounding the arrival of William Shakespeare's First Folio in Duluth.  

Director and Wise Fool founder Chani Ninneman issued a rare parental advisory for the performance, suggesting that it might not be suitable for small children.  It part because of it's length, says Ninneman, but there's also a full compliment of Shakespearean-era dirty jokes and, of course, violence against women.

Here, Chani Ninnemen talks about the infinite adaptability of the Bard's plays to tell the stories that need telling throughout the 400 years of their existence.

Wise Fool Shakespeare's production of Othello runs through October 16.  Showtime and ticket information is available here.