"Rock snot" - maybe the only amusing thing to come from the Mount Polley mine spill

Feb 22, 2018

The Mount Polley gold and copper mine's tailings dam breached, spilling 24 million cubic metres of mine waste into local waterways
Credit Anmesty International Canada

Before 2014, Quesnel Lake in British Colombia was an untouched, crystal clear body of water.

When the Mount Polley gold and copper mine, owned by Canadian company Imperial Metals, opened, residents had the promise in writing that nothing would be dumped into the lake.

Amnesty International Canada came to the Twin Ports last week to share their experiences of the Mount Polley disaster.  In August of 2014, the tailings dam breached and dumped 24 million cubic meters of slurry into Quesnel Lake ... and since then, the company has gotten permission to dump more wastewater into the lake.