The Simple Plate: Duluth Does Veganuary: a local riff on a global movement

Dec 8, 2020

Credit Duluth Does Vegan/Facebook

Face it; you've always been just a tiny bit afraid of vegans.

According to the popular trope, electing not to eat or wear anything that comes from animals means you terrorize your relatives with what you refuse to eat at every family dinner, and hector mercilessly those who don't believe as you do.

Bonnie Ambrosi wants you to know these are not those vegans.

Folks who are curious about veganism can get questions answered, recipes, ideas and more from a local group of almost 600 people dedicated to creating a free, friendly, online community that you can actually hang out with once it's safe to do so.

And Veganuary is the perfect time to give it a try.

(Yes, there are pages of desserts.  I looked)