"So Much More: From Me to You" Video Event Illuminates Issues of Poverty

May 22, 2019

Chances are, you missed artist/documentarian Drew Anderson's video event, "So Much More: From Me to You," at the end of March.  For one thing, it was held outside at the end of March.  

And for another, it was held under a section of I-35, close to a campsite where homeless people stayed until it was shuttered six years ago.  But this public event illuminated an area that has historical connections to poverty in Duluth and is symbolic of an unseen or ignored reality.  Nine video portraits of Duluthians who have experienced poverty were projected on the support pillars of the highway overpass.

Drew Anderson will be presenting the project again tomorrow evening at CHUM's Spring Assembly meeting at Salem Lutheran Church in Hermantown [4715 Hermantown Road], reflecting on the event in March and offer insights into the real humans in our community who struggle with issues of poverty.