Sustainability Week: cultural sustainability

Sep 3, 2018

Adam writes, "My first painting, in progress. 16" x 13""
Credit ©Adam Swanson

"My time on the RV Falkor has been unbelievable so far. Amazing people, inspiring science, and breathtaking ocean as far as the eye can see. I am set up with a painting space in the wet-lab, surrounded by scientists, ocean mud, chemicals, and a wide array of colorful test tubes and equipment. It is an active place and the perfect space for creating direct paintings about this important ocean research. I have two paintings in the works right now and look forward to getting into many more during my time aboard! "   ~ Adam Swanson 

What better way to kick off Sustainability Week on Northland Morning than to talk about cultural sustainability?  After all, the arts are, in a very real sense, what sustains folks through hard times and creating a culture that supports art and artists is a valuable undertaking,

Adam Swanson will be live from the R/V Falkor Wednesday at 6:30 at Duluth Pottery.  More information on the event is here

And Adam shares this link for folks who want to learn more about the work the Falkor is doing: