Thank You for allowing us to be Rooted in Community with You!!

Oct 27, 2020

Thank you to everyone who helped us reach our $35,000 fundraising goal for this fall. Every dollar donated this month supports KUMD's music and programming, broadcasting across the Northland, and streaming online around the world.

Thank you for the tending to our garden: thanks for all of the weeding, the seeding, and the watering that allows us to be Rooted in Community with you!

Between the contributions of listeners who pitch in with with their dollars, comments, and moral support we made our fundraising goal of $35,000 for our fall membership drive! 

KUMD always accepts contributions on our website and most of our thank you gifts remain available.

Credit KUMD

Everything we do, from the eclectic music mix to community leader interviews, happens because you chose to support radio that is ROOTED IN COMMUNITY on KUMD. 

Thank you!

The KUMD Staff