Think of all the yard to play in: tiny houses, big excitement

Nov 19, 2019

Tiny houses all in a row - Hatteras, North Carolina
Credit Bill Dickinson/Flickr

A 25' lot in Duluth isn't even as wide as two Volkswagen Beetles parked end-to-end. 

So when setbacks are required to be 6' on all sides of a house and the law requires houses to be at least 20' wide ... that makes for a lot of vacant lots in the city.

But Duluth's been updating its zoning codes to keep step with Minnesota's updated building codes, and that means good news for folks with their eyes on a vacant city lot.

Imagine a house, say 12' x'18" and around 200 square feet.  Your 25' city lot is 3125 square feet.  That means you still have almost three thousand feet of vegetable garden, woods, workshop, swimming pool, volleyball court ...