Tiny houses? Technically "tiny RVs" help house people in need

Aug 6, 2019

Credit Hope Village/hopevillagechippewafalls.com

Next week, Duluth will hold another public meeting to talk about changing zoning ordinances to clear the way for tiny h0mes in the community.  Zoning regulations, many having to do with the minimum size of a home and how many homes can be put on a lot, are a big stumbling block as the tiny house movement tries to gain traction.

But in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, they've already put 32 families in tiny homes, long enough to get them stable and on their way to more permanent housing.  And  they've dodged the zoning issue completely: who would have thought that if you put a tiny house on wheels, it becomes, not a home, but an RV?

More information about Hope Village in Chippewa Falls is available here.