Tips for Hardy Gardeners: "Composting is a little bit like magic"

Jun 23, 2020

Photographer Tony Alter writes, "This could be a disaster, but if you can't have fun in your yard... I found a lot of pumpkin plants growing in my compost pile ( my bad ). So I made a little plant box, and planted a hand full, lots have damaged roots but I thought I would see what happen"
Credit Tony Alter/Flickr

Gardeners are popping up like weeds these days.

Whether motivated by concern for food security or the time to finally pursue the interest, it seems everyone wants to be a gardener.

And nowhere is that more apparent than when you're trying to get supplies, and everything from plants to dirt to compost is all gone.

Fear not.

Unlike a lot of things, compost is something you can make in your own back yard.

Just keep the puppies out of it.