Tips for Hardy Gardeners: noseprints on the window and the cure for garden anxiety

Mar 16, 2021

Credit André Benedix/Flickr

Especially on the warmish, sunny days, gardeners start anxiously pressing their noses against the windows and wondering when they can get outside.

Tom Kasper says there are a couple of things you can do:  prune your fruit trees, tidy up broken and fallen branches from your trees and shrubs, and while it's too early to rake, you can get out a broom and go after the snow mold:

Snow mold looks like spider webs, but it's a fungus
Credit Jenni Conrad/Flickr

But for those who really want to start growing things, you can get a jump on your spring planting by starting your veggies inside.  Cool season crops will be ready to go in the ground around the first week of May and warm season crops can follow around the second week of June.

Starting seeds indoors in a sunny southern window
Credit F. D. Richards/Flickr