Tips for Hardy Gardeners: The Three Things Our Gardens Need

Jul 10, 2018

Bloodflower, aka Tropical Milkweed or Scarlet Milkweed.
Credit Swallowtail Garden Seeds [via Flickr]

First: Water (Check! Plenty of rain lately). Second: Light (Yes, we've also had some good sun).

Master gardener Tom Kasper reminds us of the importance of the third thing our gardens require: Food. There are many fertilizers and other nutrients (ranging from commercial to organic) that can be mixed into the soil to promote healthy growth in our plants.  In addition, a good soil mixture can help both to retain necessary water and drain away excessive mositure.

Tom reminds us the Duluth Garden Flower Society is presenting its 23rd Annual Secret Garden Tour on Saturday, July 21st, showcasing some of the area's best gardens.