"In this town, it's easier to buy a machine gun than to rent an apartment" - Terry L.'s story

Jul 17, 2018

Street outreach worker Deb Holman's comments about this photograph are reprinted below
Credit ©Deb Holman/CHUM

No matter how much you like your car, you probably don't want to live in it..

When Duluth lifted the ban on sleeping in parked vehicles, the city wasn't saying a car was ok as a permanent residence, but City Councilors were saying police could concentrate on wellness checks and not moving people along.

Independent producer JP Rennquist was wondering about how lifting this prohibition would affect people living out of their cars, and Terry L agreed to talk with him about it.

JP Rennquist is, among other things, an independent radio producer here in Duluth and we thank him for this story.

Tonight I was made aware, it is not that people do not care, wrong choice of words on my part.
It was pointed out that the fact is that most people don't want to know.
I understand, it is hard to know that families, kids, singles are sleeping in cars, some with pets.
Our mentally ill (whom society has failed) that roam the streets all night, maybe grabbing a bush or a doorway to catch a few winks, always one eye open, and all the singles seeking a place to sleep for the night.
Seems society is failing them too!
I get it, I do not want to know either! But I do know! Now you do too!

~Deb Holman, street outreach worker, CHUM