Unhappy campers - landowners and people who are homeless take it outside

May 19, 2016

Deb Holman calls it "an awesome little thing."

A landowner wanted to have a friendly relationship with the homeless person camping on their land, and called the Outreach Line to extend an offer: tell the person he could put a bag of his trash in their garbage can every week. 

Street outreach worker Deb Holman writes: Just got a call from someone experiencing homelessness. His tent was all cut up by someone leaving it useless. Please educate and learn about homelessness. Acts such as this are senseless and cruel.
Credit Deb Holman

But not every landowner feels the same way, especially when garbage starts to pile up or they find - as in some instances - discarded needles.

As always, the question is where could/should people experiencing homelessness go and what could/should social services and the police do?

The answer to the first question, says Holman, is more housing.  The answer to the second is a Community Cleanup Day.

The Outreach Line is 218-461-8505.  People are also asked to call the United Way at 211 as part of St. Louis County's coordinated assessment.

Deb says:
10:30am to 1:30 pm
The street outreach group is doing a cleanup of an old encampment with the assistance of a few DPD officers and others in the community.
We will also be having a barbecue .
Last year we picked up 2000 pounds of trash.
This year I expect we will pick up even more.
WLLSD is offering free dumping and the city is providing a truck. Cheryl from Parks and Rec is getting us supplies like garbage bags, gloves,
Peace Church and the amazing Kathy Nelson are assisting with food and some incentives along with CHUM.
These days we ask people experiencing homelessness to bag their trash to either haul out daily or we will pick up. There remain many areas in Duluth that through the years have not been picked up and we try to do one a year now."