Virtual Homegrown 2020, Day 1

Apr 27, 2020

Day 1 of Virtual Homegrown was quiet, with just a bit of wistful chatter about where fans would have been in a normal year. The festival normally kicks off with a mayoral proclamation; this year, a mayoral tweet would have to do.

The most internet action centered around  something called the Unofficial Duluth Homegrown Scavenger Hunt on Facebook. Fans could form teams to accomplish as many tasks on the suggested list of 60 as possible, with items ranging from dressing in neon for day 1 to "Draw, paint, or sculpt your best, original version of the Homegrown Chicken."

In case you plan to chime in on the virtual fun, this year fans are using a special hashtag, #StayHomegrown2020, along with the official hashtag recommended by the committee, #hgmf2020.

Virtual shows are gradually being added for the week, including daily livestreams on Duluth Coffee Company's Instagram.

KUMD will be celebrating Homegrown all week long with daily Virtual Homegrown Live from Studio A sessions kicking off with Dance Attic at 2pm today, Monday, April 27. You'll find the complete list as new sessions are added on our Live from Studio A page.

Other virtual shows going on tonight include Teague Alexy's regular Monday gig at 6:30 on Facebook.

Monday night was scheduled to be Craft District Night, with the big red Whitewater Rafting shuttle bus carrying folks up and down Superior Street in Lincoln Park. An appropriate way to celebrate might be to pick up a growler from your favorite cidery or brewery and an Ursa Minor pizza or maybe something from Duluth Grill or OMC to eat in the comfort of your home while you watch a virtual show.

Want to let us know about your virtual Homegrown event? E-mail Christine Dean.

Local music superfans Annmarie Geniusz and Stephen Bockhold enthusiastically take part in the Unofficial Duluth Homegrown Music Festival Scavenger Hunt challenge for Day 1, wear neon.
Credit Annmarie Geniusz, used with permission

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