Walk with a Pitbull

Jul 25, 2018

Jesse Hakala and his dog Apollo
Credit Jesse Hakala

Founder of "Nice Pitbull" clothing company is the organizer of "Walk with a Pitbull Ice Cream Social" happening at 11 a.m. on Saturday at Leif Erickson Park in Duluth.

Jesse Hakala, who is a self professed dog lover, got his first pitbull when he was 17 years old. A passionate advocate for the often maligned breed mixes of bulldogs and terriers, Hakala is working to change the preceptions that surround pitbulls. Bred as a family dog, pitbulls can be goofy, loving companions who take well to training, he says.

Dog owners and folks who wants to learn more about pitbulls and meet some new dogs, are invited to "Walk with a Pitbull," and enjoy some ice cream on Saturday, July 28.  The facebok page shares some basic courtesies of the event; no retractable leashes, have your dog wear a yellow ribbon on their leash if they are a dog who needs extra space and lastly, all dog breeds are welcome.

Walk with a Pitbull - Ice Cream Social

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