"We have an obligation to be involved" - MN DOT to help educate about human trafficking in the state

Jun 29, 2017

One of a series of human trafficking awareness messages MN DOT will be posting at state rest areas
Credit MN DOT

Minnesota's Department of Transportation isn't the first state department you'd think of if you were trying to combat sex and labor trafficking in the state, but as Angela Forsythe points out, transportation of the victim is almost always involved.

And unfortunately, thanks to ports, railroads and major highways, not to mention big events like the Super Bowl that draw crowds to the state, Minnesota is a hotbed for the buying and selling of human beings.

But MN DOT's Human Trafficking Awareness campaign hopes to put more eyes and ears on the ground so if people see something, they say something.

More information about MN DOT's Human Trafficking Awareness efforts can be found here.  More information about Truckers Against Trafficking is here.