What would it take to get you walking more?

Jul 29, 2020

Credit Duluth-Superior Interstate Council

You don't have to hike or bike to get the full measure of our pretty community - just wandering around your neighborhood or to the store or a park has its charms.

What would it take to get you out walking more, though? Curb cuts? Mid-block crosswalks? Slower speed limits?

The Duluth-Superior Metropolitan Interstate Council wants to take your feedback into account as they work on their Duluth-Superior Metropolitan Pedestrian Plan.

They're working with a variety of entities, including the City of Duluth,  We Walk in Duluth,  Bicycle-Pedestrian Advisory Committee, and St. Louis County.

But they want to know how they can make the pedestrian part of our area's transportation system work better - and get folks walking to their destinations as part of their daily routine. 

You can take the survey here.