"What's changed is right now, we need something supportive and creative"

Aug 31, 2017

Elias Mokole

Maybe it's a little step, but for the first time, UMD's Music Department is sponsoring a recital of queer-identified faculty.

Derek Bromme, Elizabeth Fisher, Elias Mokole and Tom Hamilton of UWS are performing tonight at 7:30 at the Weber Music Hall in The Rainbow Connection Concert.

Maybe it's just a little step, but it's put smiles on the faces of faculty and students alike.  Mokole says it's opened up a lot of new conversations among staff and the students are really excited about tonight's concert.

Maybe it's a little step, but it's still progress and still represents a campus community pushing through discomfort on different levels.  "It felt a little uncomfortable at first," admits Mokole. "But life at universities for all of us is about going out of our comfort zone."

We kiss in a shadow
We hide from the moon
Our meetings are few
And over too soon

We speak in a whisper
Afraid to be heard
When people are near
We speak not a word
Alone in our secret
Together we sigh
For one smiling day to be free
To kiss in the sunlight
And say to the sky:
"Behold and believe what you see!
Behold how my lover loves me!"

~ We Kiss in a Shadow by Oscar Hammerstein II & Richard Rodgers