Where's Art? with Annie Dugan: art in the time of healing (and re-enacting paintings with dogs)

Apr 20, 2020

(left) “St. Matthew and the Angel” by Guido Reni, 1635 (right) Will Rhodes and his daughter, KiraCredit Copyright Gina Temple-Rhodes. Used with permission.Edit | Remove

Cabin-fevered brains are cooking up art recreations with stuff they find around the house (like pets and spouses and stuff).

Also some viewing/surfing ideas from Annie like Art 21 and Art Assignment ...

  And some art for healing by  Yayoi Kusamaand Yoko Ono's "Mend".

Who wore it best? Two different takes on Vermeer's classic "Girl with a Pearl Earring": "Dachshund with a Tennis Ball" and Thomas Dorr, courtesy Alexis Elder and UMD art historians at Open Studio in 2019