Where's Art? with Annie Dugan: Hey! You sunk my ... artwork!

Jun 10, 2019

"Please Play" by Robert Adams at the Duluth Art Institute

Robert Adams has a new exhibit up at the Duluth Coffee Company.  You might recall his Play Me piece from a Duluth Art Institute show a while back.

And speaking of art, food and beverage, Sue Rauschenfels opens an exhibit this Wednesday (June 12) at Pizza Luce'.

Retiring Tweed director Ken Bloom shares a laugh with UMD's David Cowardin and Champ
Credit UMDPR

Ken Bloom, director of the Tweed Museum of Art says goodbye after 15 years.  His retirement party will be Thursday (June 13) and you can read more about Ken's career at the Tweed here:

Credit ©Kirsten Aune

Kirsten Aune, Sue French, Gordon Manary and Scott Scheirbeck make up the For Husdesign exhibition opening Friday (June 14) at the Nordic Center.