Where's Art? with Annie Dugan - "It's a museum exhibition!" "It's a stage play!"

Sep 25, 2017

from "In Situ" at the Duluth Art Institute
Credit Duluth Art Institute

"In Situ" means "in it's original place.

But Studio 101 and the seven artists who create there is located on Michigan Street in Duluth.

So, (stay with me here), the Duluth Art Institute recreated Studio 101's space in their John Steffl Gallery (think museum exhibition) and populates it with with the artists (think stage play) and a place for live drawings on Wednesday nights.

An opening reception for In Situ and Forever Home is slated for Thursday night. 

from "Forever Home" at the Duluth Art Institute
Credit Duluth Art Institute

Forever Home is a first-of-it's-kind partnership with Animal Allies Humane Society and the Duluth Art Institute and features before-and-after adoption photographs and stories of shelter dogs, artwork by community artists celebrating their bond with their companion animals, and offers an invitation to community members to include their photos and stories of their adopted animals.