Where's Art? with Annie Dugan: "it's the week of the stars!"

Nov 9, 2020

Credit Mike Shaw Photography

Prepare to be star-struck this week.

Begin with a week of activities courtesy the Bell Museum's Statewide Star Party starting tonight.  (Click the link for the full rundown of programs)

Credit Copyright Bob King. Used with permission.

Not only can you learn more about the Dark Sky efforts in northern Minnesota (and why it's so important), you can also spend some time with our very own Astro Bob King, on Zoom Friday at 7pm.

Kirsten Aune's two-year-old daughter in a hand-stencilled dress, showing some love to a king-size quilt
Credit Kirsten Aune

Textile artist Kirsten Aune is bucking the trend with the opening of her new gallery, Kirsten Aune Textiles, in Lincoln Park at 12 N. 21st Ave. West.

Finally, Annie Dugan herself will be leading a virtual discussion about communication, observation and science this Thursday in a Zoom event called Creating Alone, Under the Stars.