Where's Art? with Annie Dugan: lighting the way ... and a big box of snow

Jan 25, 2021

Black bear
Credit Mary Plaster

The weather outside is frightful - well, the wind chills are.

But that means it's perfect weather for ice luminaries or, if you're Mary Plaster, maybe something more along the post-industrial plastic/wire/LED line.

And then there's the Duluth Winter Festival in Lincoln Park.

Jason Quick completed this piece, called "Brave Enough," last Friday
Credit Jason Quick/Love Creamery

Five sculptors/sculpting teams will be creating art through the end of next week.  You can find details here.

But will there be a role for Duluth's Snow Sculpting Laureate, Harry Welty?

Harry Welty's Memorial to the Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy in 2012
Credit Harry Welty/snowbizz.com

And the Duluth Street Art Initiative is looking for a muralist to create a large-scale mural in downtown Duluth.  You can find more information here.